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"Shout out to Dr. Pollock. we got sleep last night. thank you for always taking care of our boy, you always make us laugh and you are always on the job with Brandon. you have filled the VERY BIG shoes of Deanne Geurkink, whom I still think walks on water, I love that woman. Thank you so much Dr. Pollock and another shout out to all the staff in your office, these ladies are the sweetest bunch of professionals. we always feel like VIP, When we bring our boy in. from meeting us in the parking lot and offering all kinds of help to me and treating Brandon like any other child, We LOVE YALL !!!!!!!! DONT CHANGE A THING!!!!"

- Angela Cooke

"I just want to say thank you to all of the hard working ladies in this office. It seems like my daughter has been a frequent visitor lately and every time we have come we've received nothing but the best. No matter how busy the time is always taken to listen and give good sound advice. I can never say enough how much I truly appreciate everything the doctors and nurses have done for us."

- Jessica Sickle

"I am very particular about doctors especially with my children. I found this office being we relocated nearby. The reviews were well. So I went in to do my interview with them. I felt very comfortable and could tell the staff was professionally friendly and the doctors were wonderful! We never wait longer than 5 minutes and the nurses are very nice. We plan on having our 4 children here until they are 18. Very pleased!"

- Amelia Lewis Robinson

"Great one on one. Your treated like family, very familiar very down to earth. Doc Karen is just amazing with my girls.She will talk to my daughter and glance at me to confirm what shes hearing. My daughter is top priority and i cant see myself taking them elsewhere. The Nurses are amazing,so are the receptionist. You don't find an office with all that and more. Same day appointments are great. Same day return phone calls. To a mother with a sick child these details matter and I'm a keeper at Ballentine!"

- Amanda Arellano

"Dr. Pollock is amazing. She is always concerned with my son's needs. The staff is friendly and professional. They actually remember my son when he visits. He was in the hospital 2 times in 6 months with no help if finding out what was wrong. I started taking him here and Dr. Pollock was able to diagnose him within one visit. He has only had one hospital visit since the change in providers. During the follow up visit the Dr. was able to give me some tips on how to help him before we end up in the ER. He hasn't been back to the hospital since. They are all amazing and I will continue to take my kids here as long as we are in this area."

- Lindsay Tauberschmidt

"I previously was with another large pediatric practice. My daughter has had a recurrent illness that I felt was not simply viral, but I was repeatedly told by our old pediatrician it was viral and that it just happens with children. I suspected my oldest child may have a condition called PFAPA and that it was not just viral. She had 4 fever episodes in the first 4 months after our youngest was born - and the baby never got sick, despite her sister kissing and loving all over her - so we knew it was something more. Ballentine Pediatrics was recommended by 3 of the 5 moms I asked so I made an appointment, and am I ever so grateful I did. Our first appointment with Dr. Pollock was on April 11th. She spent almost an hour with us that day, going through the history. It turns out that she has experience with PFAPA and was also concerned that this could be what we were dealing with, so she set us up for all of the specialist appointments necessary to rule out other conditions. In less than two months, we have seen 2 of the 3 specialists and had all of the lab work done that has been needed to just about firm up the PFAPA diagnosis. In addition, Dr. Pollock has been willing to acknowledge our chiropractor as a part of our network of care providers, which truly means a lot to us and says a lot about her orientation to the patient's needs. We also recently saw the NP in the office, Amanda Slater, who spent 45 minutes with my youngest daughter and I. She was thorough and down to earth. I am extremely pleased with the decision to move to this pediatric practice. I will say that the only issue is sometimes we have to wait for a bit, but given that they are willing to spend all of the time necessary with us when they see us, I think having to wait just means they are doing that for others, too. Which is another statement about their orientation to the needs of their patients. One final thought: all of the staff is pleasant, whether calling to the office during the day, calling the afterhours line because of a concern, or presenting in person. In the old practice we were in, we were greeted with an automated message and generally had to play phone (or voicemail) tag for days to get a live person. As a result, this is worth the switch in and of itself. Hands down, I would recommend Ballentine Peds to anyone."

- Julie Cole

"Dr. Pollock treats children as her own. She is concerned about their overall well-being and she advises both the child and parent on ways to maintain good health. She communicates in a “real-people” language, avoiding the medical jargon, in order to better assist the patient's and parent's understanding of a child's condition. I would strongly recommend Dr. Pollock to any parent who appreciates a physician who puts the entire family first."

- Wanda Johnson Stokes